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Sean Dornan

Sean Dornan

Sean Dornan is the founder and owner of Central Coast Learning Center, an organization that provides individualized programs to address the unique needs of both children and adults. He has been providing learning interventions since 2000, working with students that have a wide range of learning challenges.

Sean earned a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. His early training and exeperience included working with adults with developmental disabilities and experience at Lindamood-Bell where he provided cognitive training to improve reading and math skills to school age children. Sean has completed training programs and received certifications in teaching and skills development, including PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement), Phono-Graphics from Read America, Discover Math and a variety of sound and speech therapy training programs. He continues to keep up to date on new training programs and relevant research in his field.

In addition to his primary focus at Central Coast Learning Center, Sean also works as a math teacher at Outside Now, a local organization that provides nature-based educational programs that connect people to the outdoors. This program uses a multisensory approach to learning that Sean has found effective in helping many children who struggle in school. Sean’s dedication in every venue is to provide individualized opportunities for young people to “learn to learn” and thrive academically.


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