Central Coast Learning Center was established in 2001 as a place to help students with a variety of learning difficulties become confident and successful learners.

We work on:

  1. Providing a personalized path to success
  2. Developing academic skills
  3. Building confidence
  4. Helping students realize their own academic potential.

At CCLC, we work with students in an encouraging environment and provide interventions that are targeted to each individual’s specific needs and learning style. By working with parents, communicating with schools, and teaching effective learning strategies, we provide families with the collaborative help they need in order to help students overcome difficult learning challenges.

Sean Dornan founded Central Coast Learning Center in 2001 after working with other organizations where he provided learning interventions for children and adults. Unsatisfied with the constraints and restrictions of working within larger programs that did not address the unique needs of each individual child, Sean developed his own program, building on his experience and the ideas he had developed over time. At CCLC, Sean is able to what he does best, connect with students and inspire them to do well. He provides students with the tools they need to realize their full potential.  Many parents initially come to Sean looking for a tutor. Upon evaluation, Sean often identifies issues underlying their child’s struggle at school. He finds that many students have never really learned how to learn. Knowing that each person is different, Sean uses adaptable programs that are individualized to each student. He also takes a balanced team approach, working with parents, teachers and other therapists so that everyone is on the same page and students are not overloaded while they are working on developing their learning skills. Click here to find out more about Sean.


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